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    Näe miksi Ranskalainen Ajovaruste valmistaja Stand21 on menestynyt nyt jo yli 40 vuotta.....

Näe miksi Ranskalainen Ajovaruste valmistaja Stand21 on menestynyt nyt jo yli 40 vuotta.....


This word has been in the center of my business ethics from the beginnings of my Company in 1970.
It permeates through every facet of our business.
When in an economic downturn,
the true value of quality becomes priceless.
If there is a subject that is present at all times, it is that of safety education, as there is so much left unfinished, and the future offers so much opportunities. It is that education that my new “Racing Goes Safer” foundation wants to address, one that is gathering more interest and participation from so many different interests each passing day.
They discover during our conferences,
the value of our mission to promote greater safety.
Upon observation, it is clear today that automobile racing is reaching new generations and a wider variety of disciplines, with racers constantly traveling across the planet to drive one day in a GT race in Fuji, the following week in a streamliner at Bonneville, two months later in an off-road machine in a Southern American Baja, then to Goodwood in a vintage machine or in some regional rally in Jordan...
Regardless of which racing classes you prefer, live and breathe
a sport that is so dear to us and brings us so much.



Yli 47 vuoden kokemus ja intohimo Autourheiluun palveluksessasi!!

Since 1970, Stand 21 has been assisting its racing customers by giving them the best and fullest safety equipment allowing them to concentrate on what they love best: driving.

Behind a “simple” Stand 21 racing suit or a “simple” Stand 21 helmet are years of work including studies on the racing drivers’ needs, discussions with the medical and sports authorities, R&D, choices of materials and quantities to supply, standards, solving storage and manufacturing on demand, made-to-measure designs, handmade manufacture with the utmost care, organization and tracking or racing services to meet the racing drivers’ expectations at any time whether they race at the highest professional level, as gentleman drivers or just in a club.

Applying this philosophy for nearly half a century, Stand 21 has been able to set quite a record:
- More than 10 Formula 1 World Championship titles
- 5 Indy 500 wins
- More than 15 wins at Le Mans
- 5 Indycar Championship titles (U.S.A.)
- Many more wins... however to us, the most important is the thousands of drivers who trust us as the safest brand available.

Not bad for a start, but the biggest part is still to be written with you!

Because since 1970 Stand 21 has been designing, developing and manufacturing its own products for you in its own workshops...
An international leader in made-to-measure equipment for the racing driver from head to toe and true to its ethics, Stand 21 offers you top-of-the-range safety products which are sold through a unique worldwide network of exclusive distributors only.
- We are trackside for more than 300 events worldwide to assist you.
- We surround ourselves with the best medical specialists and highly skilled engineers to offer you products with scientifically proven efficacy.
- We offer the best customization service (drawings, embroidery, painting ...).
- We offer the best delivery time on the market for special orders.
All-in-all our approach is unique and entirely dedicated to our customers: we adapt our products and services to your needs and not the other way around.

A French manufacturer in few figures:
- An half-century of experience at the highest level
- More than 7, 000 made-to-measure racing suits manufactured per year
- More than 1, 500 made-to-measure helmets manufactured per year
- More than 15, 000 FHR
 products manufactured in 2010
- A team of more than 150 people working worldwide.

Located since 2003 in the
country dedicated to textiles above all, Stand 21 India
(100% property of Stand 21
Headquarters) has been
manufacturing technical
products developed by Stand 21 Headquarters such as technical staff and go-karting suits,
polo-shirts, shirts...

In 2006, a brand new production unit was created to allow all
customers to create 100%
customized boots by the unit. Today, this concept is available for gloves with the same concern: offering the best Stand 21 products available.
Like more than 1, 000 clients each year, come and visit our factory in the heart
of Burgundy!



Since our early days, we have always kept in mind at Stand 21, our customer’s satisfaction. That is why we are committed to faithful business practices and
management processes that are commensurate to the level of our expertise, know-how and professionalism.

A customer is first and above all a Stand 21 customer, he will be the responsibility of a Stand 21 associate who manages his business. This is how all Stand 21
customers receive the same high level of customer service. For that end, the primary goal of our Business code of ethics is to provide a customer service that will
make sure that any order a customer puts in, will be processed efficiently and effectively.

After assessing our customer needs, we provide technical and design advice, as results of our close assessment with our customer a detailed quote will be submitted
with the following main points:
- We make sure that all technical and commercial data pertinent to each order are clearly mentioned and that they are approved and confirmed by the client.
- We double check all orders after approval by the customer, (design, design layout, embroideries, etc...)
- All order details generate a production check list, that will be strictly and faithfully processed with the utmost care and within the applicable standard(s).

If the customer insists on processing his order after our clear rejection, the order will be processed under the customer’s responsibility.

Each order entrusted to Stand 21 will generate a production order that will be assigned to a Stand 21 Project manager who will be your best window of
communication with Stand 21. In every case, your project manager will guarantee:
- The order manufacturing process
- The quality control
- Delivery time monitoring. In the unlikely events where your order may be delayed you will be notified immediately.
- Final control quality before shipping and you will be notified with detailed shipping information.

- Creation: In accordance with the customer's choice and to all the applicable standards for the product
- Manufacture: Realization and control of all the levels of manufacture
- Shipping: Quality control made by your contact before shipping. He/she will advise you of the date and the shipping method.

Your Stand 21 customer service representative, will always be standing by to take care of any future questions, requests, or needs you may have (your product
certification life time validity, if it is usable in other auto racing disciplines, modifications/updates options, (new paint, tethers on a FHR, strap, etc.), or maybe to
have your product integrity checked after certain period of use. You will also be notified about all the Track Service that he will attend, in case he can provide you of
more customer service support where you needed it the most, on the track.





Tutkimus & Kehitystyö


More than faster lap times or race wins, safety is what keeps motorsports going. Comfort affects the performance and safety of the racecar driver. In this regard, Stand 21 is committed in finding and testing new materials, options, and processes that will help develop the most ergonomic and safest products. This is why the “Heat Stress” research program began in 2004 and set multiply connections with the medical world, especially through the “Racing Goes Safer” foundation. Because of constant motorsport technical evolution, Stand 21 keeps up with the latest research, developing new products that exceed customer expectations.

It is on the track that Stand 21 has become what it is today: the technical partner of racing drivers concerned with safety and any parameters affecting their performance. For us, in terms of safety, technology and the medical aspect are one. That’s why our R&D department works hand in hand with motorsport medical specialists (MD. Trammell (U.S.A.), Prof. Meistelman (France), Prof. Trafford (UK), Dr. Mineo Kawasaki (Japan)... Thanks to this work ethic and latest-generation manufacturing equipment, Stand 21 products have passed the highest standards in motorsport today (FIA, SNELL, SFI, CIK ...).


“Without any changes, drivers would still be dying in NASCAR. But I don't think we'd beseeing NASCAR right now, quite frankly. I think Congress would have gotten involved at some point... I believe so. You cannot continue to kill your heroes.”

Dr. John Melvin, safety expert and NASCAR consultant about the death of Dale Earnhardt

As a motor-racing safety source, the Stand 21 “Racing Goes Safer!” foundation is a non-profit organization (application pending) its primary purpose being of promoting enhanced motorsports safety. It achieves this goal in collaboration with the medical and scientific community, as well as with major series organizations (FIA, SFI, NHRA, SCTA, SCCA, SCORE), to bring awareness of safety issues and solutions to the forefront of the motorsports world.

By gathering and consolidating data and experience collected by sanctioning bodies, universities and medical-research entities, the foundation is dedicated to sharing this information to the Motorsport community worldwide through continuous education.

More than ever, this motorsport safety foundation is of utmost importance, considering the large increase in race car drivers (1970: a few thousands, today over 1.5 million worldwide, most of them amateur drivers).

Plus d'information : www.racinggoessafer.org