A bargain to promote events to your colors.
A fire retardant treatment is available with a 300-piece minimum order.

On special order only!

Impressive fires that took place in the car’s preparation area (Pits, Paddock..) during various events reminded us all, that fire protection is a must have in these areas as well.
We cannot emphasize the importance to have everyone working in those areas to at least be dressed in certified fire retardant under wear (that includes socks these items are too often neglected), hood (balaclava), suits, gloves and boots.

Find out also our suits from the Vintage collection

  • MC1 technical staff suits
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Punainen Oranssi Keltainen Vintage Sininen Royal Sininen Navy Sininen Musta Valkoinen Harmaa Beige Vihreä

Tekniset tiedot

- Neither FIA nor SFI homologated
- Order from 1 piece only
- Applied pockets
- Wrist and ankle cuffs
- Radio loop on belt
- Sizes: from XS to XXXL
- Dye to your colors with a 100 piece-minimum order (delivery time: from 6 to 10 weeks)